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FinnSpring 2014 in Salo on April 26 – 27, 2014. Preliminary instructions for the competition

Updated on April 13, 2014. The final instructions can be seen on the info board of the competition center on the competition days.

  • Competition Manager: Jarmo Reiman (040 3556 221)
  • Secretary General: Risto Kivinen (044 0583 583)
  • Press Officer: Jari Kuusisto, 040 0779 214, jari.kuusisto[.at.]salo.fi.
  • Course planner team for the individual race: co-ordination Hannu Pyy (040 5072 071), Erkko Pyy (H35A-60A), Jarkko Pyy (E-classes, H21A), juvenile (10RR-14) tracks: the orienteerers of the youth section of the club
  • Course planner for the relay competition: Ilkka Saarimäki (050 5589 535)
  • Result service: Result Fellows
  • Finish line referee judge:
  • TA Matti Mäkirinne, SSL
  • Course controller: Ari Lindblom, SalVie (individual race) and Timo Grönholm, SalVie (relay competition)
  • Head of the Judge Council: Risto Gustafsson, R-P

The competition will take place following the competition rules of the Finnish Orienteering Federation and the rules of the organizers of the FinnSpring 2014.

Individual race on Saturday, April 26th

Map: Orienteering map 04/2014, scale 1:10 000, with a contour interval of 5 m. Terrain planning Ari Salonen and Eero-Antti Lonka, 2013. The size of the map depending on the competition class is A3, A4S, A4 or A5. The map is in a plastic case. A model map can be seen at the start areas.

Terrain: Rocky and open terrain with big height differences. The terrain for the classes for children or older veterans is more even, partly moor with good runability.

Forbidden areas: the fields with black dots on yellow as well as house yards are forbidden areas. Entering forbidden areas will result in disqualification of the competitor. The competition area can only be entered during one’s personal competition.

Control points, punching system, Emit cards: A model control point can be seen by the info pole. An Emit punching system is used during the race. The runner is responsible for the working order of his Emit card. The control points look like the model control point by the info pole. The control code for some of the control points differs from the Emit code of the control point punch. This means the display of the Emit card shows a different number from the one at the control point. Rental cards: can be purchased at the info desk.

NOTE 1! A dysfunctional Emit card will not be changed into a new one at the starts any more. Check the functionality of the card in advance at the competition center with the 0 punch. A dysfunctional Emit card can be changed at the info center for a fee.

NOTE 2! The rules of the Finnish Orienteering Federation say: 'The competitor is disqualified if he has used a Emit card other than the one presented to the organizer...' Check carefully your Emit number from the start lists. Inaccurate information must be corrected before the competition by e-mail risto.kivinen@resultfellows.com by Friday, April 25 at 20:00 at the latest. After this date the corrections on the competition morning at the info desk.

Drink and first aid stations: Drink stations are marked on the control descriptions. There is a first aid station at the competition center as well as in the competition terrain (longer tracks). The first aid station in the competition terrain is marked on the maps.

Starting lists: The starting lists can be seen on the result board and at the start areas.

Starts: The first start on Saturday at 11:00. You will find the guidance for the starts at the info pole. You must not stray from the markings. The markings are on easily accessible roads. For your safety use the side of the road shown by markings.

  • Start 1: distance 2300 m, red ribbon
  • Start 2: distance 2000 m, red ribbon
  • Start 3: distance 1200 m, blue ribbon
  • Start 4: distance 1200 m, blue ribbon

The classes, lengths of the tracks, the amount of control points and the starts can be seen on a separate chart.

The competition numbers, Emit control slips and the control descriptions: Runners for all the classes wear number bibs that are obtainable at the starting points. Take along own safety pins. The number bib must not be folded. The Emit control slips are obtainable at the starting point. The control descriptions ARE PRINTED ON THE MAPS. There are separate control descriptions available for starts 1, 2 and 3. There are no fixing tools or covers for the control descriptions.

Starts 1, 2 and 3: The competitor is called to the start area four minutes before his starting time (at start 3 five minutes before). Resetting the Emit card takes place three minutes before the start. Each competitor is responsible for resetting his own Emit card. The competitor sees the competition map two minutes before the start. The competitor proceeds beside his own map 1 minute before the start. He can take hold of the map at the start. There is a short marked route from starts 1 and 2 to the K-point which is at the end of the marked route indicated by a control point flag. The starting point of the start 3 is also the K-point.

Start 4: Start 4 is for classes H/D14 and younger. The distance to the start is 1200 m on a gravel road. The guidance starts from the info pole. The number bibs and the Emit control slips are obtainable at the start. The control descriptions are printed on the maps. NO separate control descriptions. Own safety pins. The competitor is called by name to the guidance station 5 minutes before the start. The control station has the maps for H/D10RR- and H/D12TR classes with course marked. The K-point is marked on the maps of other classes (not the whole course). Help is given at the guidance station. The staff helps with the model maps if necessary. The starting time is checked 4 minutes before the start. The Emit card is reset 3 minutes before the starting time. The competitors for the class H/D10RR get the competition map and the necessary information 2 minutes before the starting time. The competitors for class H/D12TR get a competition map of their own. There is a model map with the K-point available for other classes. The competitors for class H/D12-14 can take their competition map from a bucket marked by their class 1 minute before the starting time to explore the course. The competitors for all the other classes can further explore their tracks. The start takes place at the K-point, meaning the starting point is the same as the start triangle on the map.

Separate instructions for RR- and TR -courses: In RR-course the map includes marked route along which the control points are located. This marked path is shown with a white ribbon in the terrain. You may stray from the marked path. The control points are similar to the model control point and the control flag has a code RR1, RR2 etc. on each side. The punch board also has the same code. The control points must be punched in a numerical order. The guidance of the TR-course is the same as the guidance of the RR-course. The control points are a bit separate from the marked path and they are marked with ordinary number codes. Check the correspondence of the number codes from the control descriptions. The last control point is the same for all the competitors. The control point has several punches with one of them with the RR sign and the rest of them with a number code. At the last control point you can choose any punch. The marked route from the last control point to the finishing line must not be strayed. The competitor must punch in at the finish. Each incorrect or missing punch results in adding 10 minutes to the time of the RR class competitor, the run is not disqualified. In all the other classes an incorrect punch leads to disqualification.

Finishing line: There is a marked route from the last control point to the finishing line. There is an ONLINE PUNCHING at the finishing line! A missing punch from the finishing line leads to disqualification (class RR extra 10 minutes). After punching at the finishing line the competitor continues to the discharge point where the Emit card is checked. Unclear cases are sorted out right away at the Wailing Wall. The finishing line closes at 17:00 on Saturday. The maps are not collected at the finishing line. According to the orienteering rules the competitors are not allowed to show the competition map or the course to other competitors or his staff before the last starting time of the last race. Also, the use of a personal map is forbidden during the relay competition on Sunday. Fair play!

Dropping out: Competitors who drop out the race must come to the finishing line or let the staff at the finishing line know about it in some other way.

Open courses: Contrary to the competition invitation, Open courses is taking place only on Saturday. Sunday offers a personal mass start that can still be entered by signing in at the info center on Saturday. The open courses start is between 11:00-13:00. The fee is 10 euro, runners under 16 years 5 euro + a possible rental fee for the Emit card 5 €. A plastic case is included in the price. The sale for the maps only on the above given times. Registration and payment at the start of the open courses. A separate start and finish area immediately to the competition center (see map for competition center). The control descriptions are printed on the maps, no separate descriptions. Open course runners do not have insurance coverage by the organizers.

Rastiralli: You can run the RR track in Rastiralli. You get to the track 5 minutes after the last RR class runner for 30 minutes. Registration and fee (5€) at the info center. Rastiralli competitors for the RR-track must have a separate number bib that you get upon registration at the info center. NOTE! YOU MUST NOT USE AN EMIT CARD THAT HAS BEEN USED DURING THE DAY’S RACES. The RR track start for Rastiralli takes place at start 4.

Meet and run with the well-trained hobby horses from Ankkuri Stables on the track for show jumping. The hobby horses are expecting you. You can also bring your own hobby horse to the race.

Relay competition on Sunday, April 27th

Competition map: Orienteering map, printed 04/2014, scale 1:10 000 with a contour interval of 5 m. The map is in a plastic case. The size of the map is A4S, A4 or A5. Check that you take the right map. You can get a reserve map from the staff if needed. The control descriptions are printed on the map. The control code is also beside the control point number. A model map can be seen at the changeover area.

Terrain: Rocky and open terrain with big height differences. The terrain for the classes for children or older veterans is more even, partly moor with good runability.

Running order: The running orders for the relay teams must be presented primarily online on IRMA–service by 18:00 on Saturday, April 26. If this is not possible, you can present the running order on a form sheet available at the info center. Return the form sheet at the info center by 16:00 on Saturday, April 26. Changes in the running order presented at the info center thereafter are charged 10 euro/ team.

Competition material: Number bibs available by teams at the info center on Saturday after 15:00. Emit control slips are given when entering the start area / changeover area. Own safety pins. All classes wear yellow based numbers on the last leg.

Classes, course lengths and legs can be seen on a separate chart.

Control points and punching: The control points look the same as the model control point. The ordinal number of the control and control code are printed on the map beside the control circle.

The control code for some control points differs from the Emit code of the control point punch. That is the Emit card display number differs from the control code. A changeover and finishing line punching is in use in the competition.

Starts and exchanges: The entrance to the start and the changeover zone is opened at 9:15. The Emit card is directed to the competitor by the bar code found in the number on the chest. This takes place in the Emit check-in point . Reserve enough time for the check-up. Each Emit card can only be used once during the competition and only in one leg. After the Emit card check the card is reset. Move to the start area in time.

Start times and classes:

  • Start 1, 10:00: H21A, D21A, H180, D21AL, H15-18
  • Start 2, klo 10:20: H120, H150, D150, D15-18, H/D21C, H/D12, Joint start classes A and B
  • Start 3, klo 10:40: H21AL, H210, D120, D180, H/D14, H/D10-H/D12TR, Joint start classes C, D, E, F

Special instructions for the first leg: The start and the warm-up area are entered as shown by the guidance through the Emit check-in point. The runners for the 1st leg and the runners taking part in the mass start for individual races are grouped in start squares according to the starting time. The maps are stapled on boards. The runner takes his position behind his map. The runner himself is solely responsible for taking the right map. In classes H/D14, H/D12, H/D10-H/D12TR and F the maps are handed over to the competitor in hands folded. The fold may only be opened 1 minute before the start with the permission from the staff.

Changeover: The changeover time of a runner coming to the changeover is received from the changeover punch at the finishing line. The runner gives out his map to the staff immediately after the changeover punch and continues to the map stand. The runner coming to the changeover is responsible for giving the right map to the next leg. Running with a wrong map will lead to disqualification of the team. If the map for the next leg is not in the stand, the in-coming runner must inform the staff about it. In this case the changeover takes place at the changeover fence and the next runner in line gets the map behind the changeover fence from the staff taking care of extra maps. Lost time is not compensated. The runner proceeds to the punch control after the exchange. Unclear cases are sorted out at the Wailing Wall. Rental Emit cards must be returned after the finish at the info center. There is a fee of 60 euro for an unreturned Emit card.

The competitors are not allowed to use spike shoes. Dobb shoes are allowed.

Further instructions for classes H/D10RR/TR and H/D12TR: Each H/D10-12 RR/TR –class team must have at least one girl. The first leg is a TR-course and the second and third ones are RR-courses. There is no forking on the legs. The TR legs of the class H/D10RR/TR has the same 10-minute extra time rule for a missing punch as with RR legs (a missing punch does not result in disqualification). Each H/D12 class team must have at least one girl. The maximum age is 12 years. The first leg is normal orienteering, the second leg is TR and the third leg is normal orienteering. There is forking on the first and the third leg.

Further instructions for class H/D14: Each H/D14 class team must have at least one girl. There is forking on all the legs.

The team’s total age must be at least 120, 150, 180 or 210 years. The minimum age limits for relays are: H/D120 35 years, H/D150 40 years, H/D180 50 years and H210 60 years.

Closure of the legs and Mass start: A mass start is arranged if necessary. The normal changeover is stopped 10 minutes before the mass start. There is an announcement about the mass start.

Finishing line: The competitor coming to the finish runs into the finish line lane. This also concerns individual runners taking part in the mass start. The finish line referee judges the standing at the finishing line. The finish punch is made immediately after crossing the finish line. The competitor gives out the map to the staff and continues to the Emit check station. The finish for relay closes at 15:30.

Returning the maps: Maps are returned after the mass start. Follow announcements.


Result board: The result board is located at the competition center. The results can also be seen on the organizer’s website after the competition.

Distribution of prizes: The distribution of prizes takes place according to the directions from the announcers in classes H/D21E, H/D20E and H/D10RR. All class H/D10RR runners get their prizes immediately after the official results. Follow announcements. All the other prizes are available after the official results at the prize distribution area. The result board shows the times when the prizes can be collected. The amount of awardees is shown on the result board. The prizes for the relay race are distributed by classes after the official results. Follow announcements. The amount of awardees is shown on the result board.

Toilettes: The toilettes are near the competition center, guidance from the info pole. Starts 1 and 2 have a toilette.

Washing: Washing outdoors. Warm water.

Restaurant: Hot meals, sausages, coffee, sweet bread and soft drinks served on both days. Separate vending stalls also have candy. There are also sports equipment stores in the area.

Kiddie Park: The Kiddie Park Muksula is located outdoors in the competition center. Fee 3 €. Muksula is open on Saturday at 10:00–15:00 and on Sunday at 9:00 – 13:00.

First aid: The first aid station is located near the finish line area in the competition center.

Parking: Parking in the competition center as well as in the near-by areas and along the roads. Parking fee 2 € valid for both days. Parking tickets available at the info center. Place the parking ticket inside the car to be seen through the windshield. Parking tickets are checked upon leaving. Save your parking ticket if you are attending the events on Sunday.

Miscellaneous: Angelniemen Ankkuri orienteering terrain is under CONSTANT competition and training ban because the terrain has forbidden areas. Supervised training only under the control of Angelniemen Ankkuri according to the agreement with the local farmers and hunting clubs. We insist no orienteerer trespasses these areas breaking the agreement between Angelniemen Ankkuri and the landowners. All events in these areas must be agreed upon with Angelniemen Ankkuri in advance. Contact person Matti Mäkinen, matti.makinen(at)angelniemenankkuri.com, tel: 044 – 3362 405. Good quality, ready-made training packages are available.

GOOD LUCK WITH THE RACE, Angelniemen Ankkuri

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