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INVITATION to FinnSpring 2014 on April 26-27, 2014 in Salo

Trials for the Junior World Orienteering Championships

Individual competition on Saturday 26.4.

Classes: H20E and D20E 20 €.

Guidelines for the selection for all E-classes will be released on the Internet pages of SSL and the arranging club.

Other classes: H21E, D21E 20€; H21A,AL,C, D21A,AL,C, H/D20A, H35A,AL, H40A,AL H45A,AL, H50A,AL, H55A,AL, H60A,AL, H70A,AL, H75-90, D35A,B, D40A,B, D45A,B, D50A,B, D55A,B, D60-80 18€; H/D18, H/D16 and H/D15 14€; H/D14, H/D13, H/D12, H/D12TR, H/D10RR 10€.

In classes other than the trials the organizers have a right to divide the participants in parallel classes according to the amount of participant registrations.

The length of the race: long distance

NEW: Mass Start Competition on Sunday, April 27th

Ankkuri will arrange an individual race at FinnSpring-relay for those who cannot take part in the relay race.

In the longer tracks A-D butterfly loops are used, the shorter tracks are straight.

Categories and fees:

  • A (7,4 km): H20, H21, H35, 15€
  • B (6,1 km): H18, H40, H45, 15€
  • C (5,3 km): H16, H50, H55, D20, D21, D35, 15€
  • D (4,1 km): H14, D16, D18, D40, D45, H60, H65, 15€
  • E (3,3 km): D50/H70 and older, 15€
  • F (3,0 km): H12, D12, D14, 10€

Entries online in IRMA by Sunday April 20, 2014 at 24:00. Late entries online in IRMA by Tuesday April 22, 2014 (fees 20€/15€). You can also register at the competition centre on Saturday, entry fee payable only in cash.

Relay competition on Sunday 27.4.

Classes and fees: H21A 4 legs (74€). Other classes 3 legs H21AL, H120, H150, H180, H210 (54€) H15 -18 (42€). D21A, D21AL, D120, D150, D180 (54€), D15- 18 (42€). H/D21C company and mixed teams (54€). H/D14 at least one girl (30€). H/D12 one leg TR and at least one girl (legs in order 1.leg = H/D12, 2.leg =H/D12TR, 3.leg = H/D12) (30€), H/D10-H/D12TR (2 H/D10RR + 1 H/D12TR) at least one girl (legs in order 1.leg = H/D12TR , 2.leg = H/D10RR, 3.leg =H/D10RR) (30€). Classes H/D 120, H/D150, H/D180, H210 the combined age of the team must be at least 120, 150, 180 or 210 years.

NOTE: The minimum age limits in the relays are: H/D120 35 years, H/D150 40 years, H/D180 50 years and H210 60 years.

Running orders: The running orders for the relay must be registered primarily online on the Irma-Palvelu on Saturday 26.4. by 6 pm. If the order cannot be submitted on Irma-Palvelu, the order can be submitted at the info centre by Saturday 26.4. at 4 pm by using the form obtained from the info centre. Changes submitted to the info centre thereafter will be charged 10€/team.

General instructions for both the competitions:

Terrain: Rocky and open terrain with big height differences. The terrain for the classes for children and older veterans is more even, partly moor with good runability.

Map: Scale 1:10 000, with a contour interval of 5 m. Printing 4/2014. Terrain planning Ari Salonen and Eero-Antti Lonka, 2013. There is no previous orienteering map of the area. The maps for the individual competitions will be returned after the relay competition.

Entries: Entries must be done by Sunday 20.4.2014 at 24.00 online on IRMA-Palvelu or by mail to Risto Kivinen, Karjaskyläntie 87, 24100 Salo. The Emit-numbers must be given upon registration. For those who fail to give the Emit-number a rental card is reserved and it can be obtained at the info centre for a daily fee of 5 €.

Late entries: by Tuesday 22.4.2014 at 24.00 on IRMA-Palvelu, double fee.

Routing: From road 1824 Salo-Teijo; competition area about 8,5 km from Salo centre (address: Merikulmantie 714, Salo), estimated driving time 5 min.

Parking: Primary parking area near the competition centre as well as along the roads with the distance to the competition centre is 1,5 km at most. Please, check the parking directions before the competition. The parking fee of 2€ is valid for both the days.

Starts: The first start on Saturday takes place at 11 am. Distance to the start tops 2,5 km. The starts for the relays are staggered from 10 am. Staggering is explained in more detail in the competition instructions.

Personnel: Competition manager Jarmo Reiman (jarmo.reiman[.at.]storaenso.com, +358 40 3556 221), Secretary general Risto Kivinen (rkivinen[.at.]angelniemenankkuri.com, +358 44 0583 583), Course planner for the individual competition Hannu Pyy (+358 40 5072 071), Course planner for the relay competition Ilkka Saarimäki (+358 50 5589 535), Technical advisor Matti Mäkirinne, Course controller Ari Lindblom (individual competition) and Timo Grönholm (relay competition), Salon Viesti.

Press officer: Jari Kuusisto, +358 40 0779 214, jari.kuusisto[.at.]salo.fi.

Start lists can be seen on the home pages of the competition.

Open courses: On both the days, three courses: lengths are about 2.5, 4 and 6 km. (The same courses both the days). Registration at the info centre, fee 10 €, under 16 years 5 €. Emit punching system. Rental card 5 €.

Miscellaneous: The competition centre is a practice driving area for Salo Vocational School with a hard ground. There is a restaurant and a playground for children in the area. “Rastiralli” will be arranged for children. Washing in the open, warm shower provided. Own safety pins needed for attaching the number bibs.

You will also find information on the choices for accommodation on the home pages.


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